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Phoenix Cameraman Is Feeling Lucky in Vegas with A. Smith & Co.


Teddy Riley helped form what R&B music is today, and our Phoenix cameraman was able to sit down and interview him for A. Smith & Co’s “Unsung” Music Series.

Teddy Riley

Teddy Riley

“Unsung’s” documentary series highlights artists to learn about where they came from, the search for their “big break” and where they are now. Riley is a singer-songwriter and record producer who has worked with Michael Jackson, Doug E. Fresh, Usher and many more.



I traveled from Phoenix to Las Vegas for the A. Smith shoots. What a gorgeous drive! I made it once for the Riley interview and again for a Mike City interview. City is also a singer-songwriter and record producer. He’s also the founder and CEO of Unsung. It was a pleasure being able to capture his story and how he has made his ideas thrive.

Mike City

Mike City

For both shoots I had to get in and settled the night before because the call time was 7 a.m. with only two hours to set up. Normally two hours is plenty of time, but the complexity of getting the exact look the client wants can take some time. I was able to match the unique look A. Smith had been using for the entire series. I wanted to get it just right because the show has been a hit on television since 2008!

Check out the piece here!