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Denver Crew Grow(s) with Google

Google it! How many times a day do you think and or actually Google something? You’re always giving to Google, but did you know they also give back? If you’re looking to grow your business or to give back to the community? Google has the key connections for you!


“Grow with Google” is an initiative to help Americans gain the skills they need to get a job or to grow their business. Google.org has given $1 billion in grants over five years to nonprofits around the world, and Google volunteers have given 1 million hours of time to nonprofits.

Snippies and Google in Boulder Colorado wanted to highlight “Grow with Google” volunteers, and our Denver crew member, Ryan Dumville, was there to help capture it all.

Our crew was placed in a large conference room to capture the interviews. Even with everyday office equipment being present in the room (i.e. very long tables) we were able to make the space work. There were several interviews scheduled throughout the day, and Google folks made the day flow seamlessly.  


To capture the interviews, Ryan used a Sony F5 along with a Canon 24-70mm lens to frame the interviews. The windows provided tons of natural light for the interview, and the shades helped bring down the intensity of the light coming in. We also used a 1×1 Ikan panels to key and back-light the subjects which provided an even and natural look.  

Google’s volunteers shined in front of the camera as they shared their favorite inspiring stories from events over the years. These folks truly love volunteering and we can’t wait to see the positive impacts this program has provided! Interested in joining the movement? Check out the Grow with Google website!