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Bradley Chubb

Go To Team Crews with Intersport and Bradley Chubb

Let’s talk about goals…football goals. Bradley Chubb is having a smashing first season with the Denver Broncos, and is reaching new heights leading all rookies in sacks.

Bradley Chubb Go To Team DP’s Nate Silverman, Craig Goodale, Ethan Sneed, and Tori Musciano teamed up with Chubb Insurance and Intersport to cover his offseason preparation in the series Chubb: Ready for Takeoff.

Chubb worked hard all summer to prepare for his first professional season after being selected as the 5th overall pick by the Broncos. After a successful career at NC State, Bradley Chubb is taking what he learned throughout his college career to establish himself as a leader, on and off the field.


A Georgia native, Bradley Chubb hosted his first annual “Chubb Football Camp” at the Mercedes Benz stadium to give back to the community. Over one hundred children attended the camp. Our crew spoke with Chubb about what it meant to him to give back to the kids. We also were able to go around the camp and capture all of the fun! We shot on a Sony F5 equipped with a Canon 7.5-158mm ENG lens. A DJI Osmo was used as a B camera to capture b-roll, and to add some steady camera moves.


A lot of the setups were quick, as the shoot day was fast paced. Our crew thoroughly enjoyed working with Bradley Chubb!

“Chubb is funny, has a sense of humor and very well spoken. Great to work with and a natural on camera!” – Tori Musciano & Ethan Sneed.

You can catch the rest of the series by clicking in the link below. We want to wish good luck to Bradley Chubb the rest of his rookie season — We hope to work with him more in the future!