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Dr. Oz Texas Two Step

Texas Crews Learn The “Texas Two Step” With Dr. Oz

  Dallas DP, Nate Galluppi, and I (Roger Woodruff) met up in Houston recently for a Dr. Oz shoot.  The day-time TV doctor and...

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eLeague Major with Turner Sports

Atlanta Crew at ELEAGUE Major with Turner

  eSports and Video Gaming is blowing up and Turner Sports is out in front with ELEAGUE. Turner recently posted an “Aftermovie” and it’s...

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Katie Nolan with John Cena at SXSW

Texas Crews Team Up For FS1 Special With Katie Nolan – Part 3

Continued from Part 2… Day three started with Roggg covering a press conference featuring John Cena. Nate, Austin and I set up for an...

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Katie Nolan and Jake Johnson

Texas Crews Team Up For FS1 Special With Katie Nolan – Part 2

Continued from Part 1… Day two started in Four Seasons room 242. We had three cameras turned on Katie Nolan and Jake Johnson (who...

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Rollin with Nolan at SXSW

Texas Crews Team Up For FS1 Special With Katie Nolan – Part 1

One of the cool things about SXSW is walking around and not knowing who you’ll run into. There are people from all over the...

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Phoenix Cameraman Is Feeling Lucky in Vegas with A. Smith & Co.

Teddy Riley helped form what R&B music is today, and our Phoenix cameraman was able to sit down and interview him for A. Smith...

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Tom Brokaw

NYC Cameraman Celebrating 50 Years of Tom Brokaw with NBC

“It’s all storytelling, you know. That’s what journalism is all about.” – Tom Brokaw What a great storyteller Tom Brokaw is. NBC wanted to...

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eSports and Go To Team are Made for Each Other

How does a team of high-end camera operators become so enamored with the latest media entertainment phenomenon – eSports? And what the heck is eSports...

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