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Charleston, South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, Waco, Texas, Denver, Colorado, Columbia, Chicago, Illinois, Miami, Florida, Dallas, Nashville, Tennessee, Phoenix, Arizona, Charlotte, North Carolina, San Francisco, California, Houston, New York City, New York, Washington, DC, Seattle, St. Louis, Missouri, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Ohio Video Production Camera Crew

Our camera crews are different.

In this day of ever-shrinking margins, time is the enemy. Trying to staff the critical camera crew on projects one-by-one means you have to continually rethink strategy as video crew become unavailable, or are just not up to your standards. That is why show-runners, production companies, agencies, networks and Fortune 500 companies turn to us: because we have the best trained video camera crew – fully outfitted with the latest in cameras and equipment – with the ability to travel and focus 100% on executing YOUR vision. Every camera crew has gone through our Federally Accredited Apprenticeship Program in the US (built by us for you).

We’re are a partner.

We look at how we bring value to you – if we do our job right, we keep working with you. We own our gear, we build our team from the core, and all shooters are staff, fully bonded and insured. We pride ourselves for our ability to adapt to your production seamlessly and to capture what you envision, how you envision it, where you need us to be – literally anywhere in the world, when you need us there.

We’re passionate about storytelling and bringing you the exact visuals that exceed expectations, keep costs down and take the headache out of the crew process. Go To Team crew are STAFF – W2, fully insured and bonded. We find developing cameramen, build them through our one of a kind Federally Accredited Apprenticeship program, support them with training and equipment and then place them strategically throughout the country to service our clients. Our teams understand the politics of shooting environments and can fit any culture, from large sets with celebrity talent, to very personal shoots where the personal touch is important. We pride ourselves in being able to seamlessly blend to form larger and more specialized crews – like transformers of camera because we have them stationed throughout the country. We are your partner.

Staff Video Production Camera Crews

Recent Production Shoots With Our Video Camera Crews

Atlanta Video Camera Crew NBA All Star Game 2018

Atlanta Video Camera Crew at the NBA All-Star Game with Turner Sports

Our Atlanta video camera crew, Brent Ebell, hit the court with Turner Sports at this year’s NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles. From ATL...

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Washington, DC Cameraman David DiFalco

A Week with Go To Team’s Washington, DC Cameraman

By: David DiFalco, Washington, DC cameraman Have you ever wanted to know what life would be like as a traveling camera operator? Although I...

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Atlanta Video Crew and Nashville Video Crew with Shaq

Atlanta Video Crew and Nashville Video Crew Celebrate Small Business Saturday with Shaquille O’Neal and Turner Sports

Our Atlanta video crew, Brent Ebell, and Nashville video crew, Peter Leininger and Chris Halleen, teamed up with Turner Sports and American Express to...

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Charleston, South Carolina Video Camera Crew Live PD

Charleston, South Carolina Video Camera Crew Goes on K-9 Patrol with A&E’s “Live PD”

Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do? What you gonna do when our Charleston, South Carolina video camera crew comes for you? When...

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Miami, Florida Video Camera Crew David Beckham MLS

Miami, Florida Video Camera Crew and David Beckham Bring MLS to the City

Our Miami, Florida video camera crew, Juan Lopez, celebrated with David Beckham at the party officially announcing his MLS Miami Team. It’s a win...

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Los Angeles Video Camera Crew The Chew

Los Angeles Video Camera Crew in the “Trap Kitchen” with The Chew

Our Los Angeles video camera crew, David Feeney Lance, headed to Compton with The Chew to learn what goes down in the innovative and...

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Atlanta Video Crew with NASCAR and Humanitarian

Atlanta Video Crew and NASCAR Celebrate Humanitarian Award Winner

Our Atlanta video crew, Brent Ebell, worked with NASCAR to highlight an extraordinary doctor and humanitarian. NASCAR Foundation Gives Back to the Community For...

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Los Angeles Camera Crew with The Chew

Los Angeles Camera Crew Gets to Cooking with The Chew

Our Los Angeles camera crew, David Feeney Lance, learns how to get children to make healthy meal choices with The Chew and Common Threads....

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