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Dallas Video Crew with The Chew

Dallas Video Crew at TGI Fridays with The Chew

Our Dallas video crew got a taste of what TGI Fridays is cooking in their Texas test kitchen with ABC’s The Chew. Feeling foodie?...

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NYC Camera Crew with Sports Illustrated

NYC Camera Crew Helps Sports Illustrated Highlight Football in Philly

Our NYC camera crew headed to Philadelphia to highlight their football culture for Sports Illustrated. Sports Illustrated’s “Football in America” Sports Illustrated has been...

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Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje on the ice

New York Video Crew On the Ice with Olympians and TSN

Our New York video crew, Reid Petro, partnered with TSN: The Sports Network on a special piece following Olympic figure skaters Kaitlyn Weaver and...

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Tom's Ice Cream Week - Ice Cream Week

Cleveland Camera Crew Celebrating Ice Cream Week At Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl

Cleveland Camera Crew for Ice Cream Nation Chocolates, nuts and sandwiches are a match made in heaven at Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl in Zanesville,...

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New York Camera Crew CBS Sports CrossFit

New York Camera Crew Working Out with CBS Sports

“You have to keep the bar raised.” – Terron Beckham He may be talking about a symbolic bar, but he keeps other bars raised...

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Charlotte Camera Crew

Charlotte Camera Crew Gets Rowdy at Clemson with Barstool Sports

Barstool Sports: 5th year brought our Charlotte camera crew, Tori Musciano, to tailgate at a Clemson University football game. How do National Champions tailgate? We...

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It's All So Yummy - Ice Cream Week

Nashville Camera Crew Celebrating Ice Cream Week At It’s All So Yummy

It’s All So Yummy Ice Cream Parlor Sugary sprinkles everywhere! Our Nashville camera crew, Peter Leininger, got his fill of ice cream with sprinkles...

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Dallas Video Crew with Mark Cuban

Dallas Video Crew Ballin’ with Mavericks and ESPN International

Our Dallas video crew, Nate Galluppi and Nate Silverman, learned some Chinese on a fun shoot with ESPN International all about the Dallas Mavericks....

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