Los Angeles Camera Crew Gets to Cooking with The Chew

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Our Los Angeles camera crew, David Feeney Lance, learns how to get children to make healthy meal choices with The Chew and Common Threads.

Chef Lovely at Common Threads

Meet Chef Lovely, the inspiring culinary instructor teaching kids how to cook in a fun and healthy way. When she was young, she remembers eating beans, cornbread and chicken bones. But her mother made everything with such love, she never remembers being upset it. Now she is on a mission to teach others how to create memories in the kitchen – all while being healthy. She works for Common Threads – a non-profit organization that brings healthy cooking options to underprivileged kids. Her goal is to have children make healthy choices when they aren’t being forced to.

Los Angeles Camera Crew with The Chew

Getting Kids to Make Healthy Choices

Our Los Angeles camera crew headed to GlenFeliz Boulevard Elementary School with Chef Lovely to showcase how she works with low-income families. The “Queen of the Kitchen” encouraged the kids to make healthy options through her farm-to-table approach to cooking. They made a chicken vegetable stir-fry and a strawberry smoothie that included ingredients from the school’s own garden. The kids said, “I actually make these recipes at home,” and “We eat a lot of fruits and vegetables that will make us strong and healthy.” We were glad to be part of the family for this Family Cooking Class.

Los Angeles Camera Crew with The Chew

Common Threads believes people are woven together by two common threads: family and food. We agree. Thank you for choosing us to help tell this heartwarming story The Chew. #MakeCoolTV

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