Nashville Video Camera Crew Participates in Human Cities Initiative with AkzoNobel

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Kids, paint, and community – what could be better? Our Nashville video camera crew, Peter Leininger, and his apprentice, Chris Halleen, “painted the town red” for a great shoot with Image Base, highlighting AkzoNobel.

AkzoNobel Wants to Create #HumanCities

AkzoNobel, a company that creates paints, coatings, and chemicals around the world, is on a mission to create “Human Cities.” The initiative is all about making people’s lives more inspiring, colorful, and liveable. Our Nashville video camera crew was happy to get a call from Image Base as they worked with AkzoNobel to further their initiative in Nashville, Tennessee through a $100,000 grant. They are ready to “work together to win together.”

Nashville Video Camera Crew with AkzoNobel

Celebrate Nashville

The Nashville project began with the Mayor’s Youth Council. Former Mayor Megan Barry’s goal is to bring the youth of Nashville together to advocate for issues close to their heart, promote their accomplishments, and work together on the city’s initiatives. The youth council is so happy to be a part of their community and have their voices be heard. Our Nashville video camera crew worked with this passionate group of kids and AkzoNobel at Celebrate Nashville, an annual cultural festival that promotes the city’s diversity.

Nashville Video Camera Crew with AkzoNobel

100 Kids Painting 1 Mural

The big highlight of Celebrate Nashville was the painting of the mural. 100 kids submitted their artwork and the lead artist transformed them all into one big mural. Another big highlight was the announcement of the massive tree planting and park improvement project. They want to make the city greener literally and figuratively with trees and a new bike path. Our video camera crew rolled as the kids painted, planted, brainstormed, and contributed to their community.

Nashville Video Camera Crew with AkzoNobel

Recent Nashville Video Camera Crew Shoots  

Our Nashville video camera crew has been staying busy thanks to great clients like Image Base and others. They recently highlighted the Bourbon Boom thanks to a feature piece with CNBC. They sat down with Naomi Judd in her home for the Dr. Oz Show. They played on an obstacle course with eSports gamers for Turner’s ELEAGUE. They featured a Special Olympian thanks to an initiative by the WWE Network. And they sang along with Sheryl Crow for an E! News piece. Not a bad lineup for Nashville.

Our Nashville video camera crew was happy to work with Image Base in their great city to promote diversity, community, and living colorfully. Thanks to projects like this one, AkzoNobel has painted over 100 murals all over the world.

Watch the full Nashville piece HERE!

Gear: Sony F5, Tripod, Shoulder Rig, Reflector, Audio Kit

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