Video Production Crews at the NBA All-Star Game with Turner Sports

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We have video production crews flying in from all over the country to cover this year’s NBA All-Star Game with Turner Sports.
Team LeBron vs. Team Steph
Team GTT consists of:
Atlanta cameraman Brent Ebell
Denver director of photography Ryan Dumville
Los Angeles cameraman David Feeney Lance
Phoenix cameraman Jacob Satterfield
San Francisco cameraman Zach Reed
Seattle cameraman Zach Caby
Video Production Crews
Team LeBron consists of:
DeMarcus Cousins of the New Orleans Pelicans
Video Production Crews with LeBron James
Team Steph consists of:
Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors
Video Production Crews with Stephen Curry
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Our video production crews are no strangers to shooting at NBA All-Star Games. Our Nashville cameraman Peter Leininger was there in New Orleans last year. Our Los Angeles cameraman was there in New York City in 2015. Our Atlanta cameraman was there in New Orleans in 2014. Our Waco director of photography Roger Woodruff was there in Dallas in 2013. Our Charleston director of photography Dave Baker was there in Orlando in 2012.
We have also shot with the stars of the game before. Our Seattle cameraman flew to Toronto to shoot a special piece for Sports Illustrated when LeBron James won 2016’s Sportsperson of the Year. And our Chicago cameraman Matt Rossetti hit the set of Feherty on Golf Channel where he was interviewing Stephen Curry.
Regardless of who wins the game, Turner Sports will win the shoot. We are so excited to play ball with them this weekend! Be sure to tune in. #MakeCoolTV