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Why Hire Our New York City, New York Video Production Camera Crew?

New York City, New York Video Production Camera Crew

Go To Team cameraman, Reid Petro is our New York City based cameraman. Reid’s unique blend of technical knowledge and eye for composition make him well versed in all aspects of telling compelling stories. Whether it’s with the lighting, use of camera motion, or framing, Reid can express various meaning from a subject, character and environment. Reid’s passion for storytelling is matched by his dedication to the art of shooting and his hardworking attitude. Reid focuses on story and uses camera, lens and lighting as tools to capture subject’s essence.

“For me, stories expand the mind, help overcome, and inspire. I believe stories make up who we are. I obsess over a great journey and love exploring all of it’s facets. Capturing and sharing the human experience is my greatest passion. I would love to share that passion with you.” – Reid Petro

Reid has won many awards in his time pursuing the craft including best of shows at DAFT festival and various PSA competitions. His work has been show all around the country at numerous film festivals. Reid will not settle for anything less than the absolute best.

Recent Video Production Shoots in New York City, NY

Video Production Crew The Weather Channel

Video Production Crew Braves the Winter Weather with The Weather Channel

2018 has been filled with some pretty crazy weather so far. From snow on the beaches of Charleston to a Nor’easter in New England,...

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Video Production Crews at the NHL Winter Classic

New York and DC Video Production Crews Team Up For the NHL Winter Classic with Nick Sports

Our New York video production crew, Reid Petro, and our DC video production crew, David DiFalco, joined forces in Queens to help Nick Sports...

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NYC Camera Crew with Sports Illustrated

NYC Camera Crew Helps Sports Illustrated Highlight Football in Philly

Our NYC camera crew headed to Philadelphia to highlight their football culture for Sports Illustrated. Sports Illustrated’s “Football in America” Sports Illustrated has been...

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Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje on the ice

New York Video Crew On the Ice with Olympians and TSN

Our New York video crew, Reid Petro, partnered with TSN: The Sports Network on a special piece following Olympic figure skaters Kaitlyn Weaver and...

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New York Camera Crew CBS Sports CrossFit

New York Camera Crew Working Out with CBS Sports

“You have to keep the bar raised.” – Terron Beckham He may be talking about a symbolic bar, but he keeps other bars raised...

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New York Video Crew Miss America Red Carpet

New York Video Crew On the Red Carpet with Miss America and E! News

Go To Team’s New York video crew, Reid Petro, wants world peace and a great shoot for E! News. Go behind the scenes of...

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Tipsy Scoop - Ice Cream Week

NYC Camera Crew Celebrating Ice Cream Week At Tipsy Scoop

Ice Cream Nation at Tipsy Scoop Everybody in the ice cream shop getting tipsy! NYC camera crew, Reid Petro, got to dabble in liquor-infused...

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New York Camera Crew Interview

New York Camera Crew Sings Along with TH Entertainment 

Patsy Cline met the love of her life in a club after he heard her sing and asked her for a dance, to which she replied,...

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